N-CAOMS Meeting

N-CAOMS Meeting

September 11, 2021

Register here to get Zoom meeting link information, as well as updates on the agenda and plan for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0tduqtqjwiEtBtoXoKPt5ikbQyZQA0fYgD

Join the California Association of Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Northern Chapter (N-CAOMS) for their 3rd meeting of 2021. The meeting will be part business meeting to discuss N-CAOMS updates, hear from committees and the board, and discuss ongoing projects with CAOMS and we will also be hosting the annual CAOMS 'Meet & Greet' for fall 2021 Orientation and Mobility Graduate Students from San Francisco State University to welcome them to the field and offer them some networking time to talk about O&M and being O&Mers. All CAOMS Members and prospective members are welcome to attend.

For any questions please contact Emily Chambers at presncaoms@gmail.com.

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