On Demand Webinars

Photo: Arial view of a 4-leg roundabout intersection

Roundabouts: Problems and Possibilities

Circular intersections. Why are so many being built, what are the challenges for the user who is blind or visually impaired, how do we teach them, and most importantly, what is the O&M’s role in ensuring accessibility for blind or visually impaired users?

Photo: Close up of a long cane user's feet and cane as they walk across a cross-walk

Mobile Wayfinding Apps

Calling all O&M Specialists! Join us to discuss GPS mobile apps and devices. The Lighthouse for the Blind presented this webinar to discuss the function, features, and limitations of the following products – Soundscape, Blindsquare, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Victor Reader Trek, and Moovit. Student case studies were also reviewed to explore how emerging and advanced travelers can benefit from various GPS features.