Using Tactile Graphics for Remote O&M Instruction

Photo: 14 pages of the new Tactile Intersection Diagrams Kit available from the Lighthouse-SF via this LINK

ONGOING On-Demand Webinar

Calling all O&M Instructors! Sarah McIntyre, COMS at the Lighthouse for the Blind San Francisco, leads this webinar on ‘Using Tactile Graphics for Remote O&M Instruction’. Learn how to use high-quality tactile graphics while working remotely with O&M students of all ages. As a participant in this webinar, you will:

  • Get lesson plan ideas for using tactile graphics products that are available for purchase, such as Tactile Intersection Diagrams and TMAPs
  • Get access to free tactile graphics files aimed at developing spatial awareness, along with ideas for how to use these graphics to get your students actively mapping their home environments
  • Learn how to create high-quality custom tactile graphics for your students using a free software program
  • Learn what hardware is required to translate those graphics into tactile images

Presenter: Sarah Allison McIntyre, COMS

CAOMS Webinar Partner: Lighthouse SF

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