How to Use Public Transportation as a Blind Person

Photo: An individaul wearing a hooded coat, scarf, and backpack stamds with their back to the camera. A light rail train car appears to move quicly in front of them, as if they are waiting on a platform.

FREE On-Demand Webinar Through 12/31/2021

The Northern Chapter of the California Association of Orientation and Mobility Specialists (N-CAOMS) is proud to announce partnership with the California School for the Blind to support FREE CEUs for this on-demand webinar until the end of 2021.

Details: In this webinar, we will be discussing “tips and tricks” about how you can use public transportation as a blind person. We will be discussing the 7 major components of bus riding: 1) Planning for your tip, 2) Locating the bus stop, 3) Boarding the Bus, 4) Riding the bus (communicate with the driver, appropriate seating, maintaining orientation), 5) Signaling to stop, 6) Deboarding the bus, 7) Finding your final destination. You will hear from a COMS instructor as well as a blind high-school 12th grader who uses public transportation regularly.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the seven major components of bus riding for a blind person
  • Learn unique strategies for blind people to use to increase independence in using public transportation
  • Learn how to do a task analysis for each component of bus riding that a blind person will need in order to be successful

Presenters: Michael W. Deolloz COMS, Mesa Public Schools and Ammar Tarin, 12th-grade student, Mesa Public Schools

Optional 1 ACVREP Credits are provided at no charge in partnership between CSB and CAOMS through the end of 2021.

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