CAOMS Convo: Teaching O&M at a Distance

Photo: A close-up of the bottom of a long cane with cane tip positioned near a asphalt walkway, with the cane users feet walking in the background.

ONGOING On-Demand Webinar

The field of Orientation and Mobility has faced a new reality of distance learning in 2020. The California Association of Orientation and Mobility Specialists (CAOMS) hosted this conversation to discuss successes and failures, as well as strategies that have led to surprising benefits for O&M professionals and their students as distance learning continues to be a reality. A moderator facilitated panelists and attendees in sharing their stories, challenges, and triumphs as we navigate through this unusual time. Several leaders in the O&M field share their functional tips, tricks, and unique approaches to help refresh and inspire you as the O&M field continues to meet the distance learning challenge.

Participants will:

  • Gain insight and inspiration through anecdotal evidences from expert practitioners in the field
  • Intro, Overview, and Access to a framework for development of a functional distance learning curriculum
  • Intro, Overview, and Access to a panelist curated resource kit
  • Collaborate and share information with others in the O&M Field

Moderator: Dr. Nicholas Casias, CSULA

Featured Panelists Include:

  • Dr. Kasey Markoski, COMS, San Diego Center for the Blind
  • Kassandra Maloney, COMS, Allied Independence
  • Vince Fazzi, COMS, LAUSD
  • Diana Herrera, COMS, LAUSD

Optional 1.25 ACVREP Credits are provided at no charge for current CAOMS members, and at $19 for non-CAOMS members.

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