AB-947: Moving Forward with California’S New ECC Law

ECC Chart Image via Perkins.org: A graph of the expanded core curriculum skill areas. The graph has a central area marked 'Core Academics', and the ECC Skill areas radiate around it, with the following ECC skill areas from top right circling around to top left: Sensory Efficiency, Assistive Technology, Orientation and Mobility, Social Interaction, Self-Determination, Independent Living, Recreation and Leisure, Career Education, and finally - Compensatory Access.

ONGOING On-Demand Webinar

This webinar addresses the origin, purpose, provisions and legal implications of the new California Law, “Visually Impaired Pupils – Expanded Core Curriculum” (ECC). Jaye Shupin, O&M Specialist, provides a brief introduction. Christian Knox, a well-respected private disability rights attorney specializing in educational services to visually impaired children, addresses the impact that the law is expected to have on services provided to visually impaired students in California’s school system and will provide recommendations for implementation and advocacy. Jeff Thom, Disability Rights Advocate, summarizes the plans for future legislative advocacy efforts to address the ECC in California. The target audience is TVIs, O&Ms, youth with visual impairments, parents of visually impaired children, special education administrators, and advocates for children with visual impairment.

Participants will:

  • Participants will learn the purpose and basic provisions of California’s ECC law
  • Participants will understand the current and anticipated impact of the law on TVI and O&M services
  • Participants will learn about their options for advocating for implementation of the law at the local and state level


  • Chris ‘Jaye’ Shupin, COMS
  • Chirsitan Knox, JD
  • Jeff Thom, JD

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