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CAOMS is a non-profit statewide organization whose mission is to facilitate professional growth and to support the role of Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialists in the habilitation and education of individuals who have visual impairments.

Founded in 1966, CAOMS hosts an annual statewide conference.  Membership consists primarily of credentialed O&M Specialists.  Student and associate memberships also make up the ranks of it's membership.  Anyone who believes in the goals and mission of CAOMS is welcome to join.

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2019 CAOMS Statewide Conference

November 1-3, 2019
Monterey, CA
"O&M Above & Beyond: Special Considerations for O&M"



Northern CAOMS

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On-Demand Webinars
6+ ACVREP Credits Available 
N-CAOMS offers a series of recorded webinars with ACVREP CEUs available.  Webinars include:
Roundabouts: Problems and Possibilities
Using Tactile Graphics for Remote O&M Instruction
Click & Treat: New Methods for Providing Route Orientation to Guide Dog Teams!
CAOMS Convo: Teaching O&M at a Distance
Mobile Wayfinding Apps
ACVREP Credits are provided at no charge for current CAOMS members, and at $15 per CEU for non-CAOMS members.
How to Use Public Transportation as a Blind Person
Tuesday January 26th, 2021
3:30 - 4:30 PM PST
Details: In this webinar, we will be discussing "tips and tricks" about how you can use public transportation as a blind person. We will be discussing the 7 major components of bus riding: 1) Planning for your tip, 2) Locating the bus stop, 3) Boarding the Bus, 4) Riding the bus (communicate with the driver, appropriate seating, maintaining orientation), 5) Signaling to stop, 6) Deboarding the bus, 7) Finding your final destination. You will hear from a COMS instructor as well as a blind high-school 12th grader who uses public transportation regularly.
Learning Objectives:
1. Learn the seven major components of bus riding for a blind person
2. Learn unique strategies for blind people to use to increase independence in using public transportation
3. Learn how to do a task analysis for each component of bus riding that a blind person will need in order to be successful
Presenters: Michael W. Deolloz COMS, Mesa Public Schools and Ammar Tarin, 12th-grade student, Mesa Public Schools

Cost: No Charge to Attend

CEUs: The California School for the Blind has partnered with the Northern Chapter of the California Association of Orientation and Mobility Specialists (CAOMS) to make 1 ACVREP Credit available for live participants of this webinar at no charge.  
Learn more about the Tuesday Tea Webinar Series through California School for the Blind at: https://www.csb-cde.ca.gov/resources/presentations/tuesdaytea.aspx
Thursday February 18th, 2021
1 to 2:30 PM PST
1.5 ACVREP CEUs Available
Details: An experienced O&M specialist, a blind client and a student O&M specialist worked as a team to innovate how to teach all the skills and concepts people who are blind need for crossing streets, using remote instruction and in-person lessons with social distancing. We will share (with videos) strategies that worked (and some that didn't!) for guiding people from 6 feet away; teaching students how to listen for approaching vehicles; and using in-person simulation to learn about traffic patterns - we are eager to hear your ideas and suggestions!
Participants will:
- Learn strategies that worked for teaching street-crossing skills concepts remotely.
- Learn strategies that worked for teaching street-crossing skills in person while maintaining social distancing and other CDC recommendations
- Share concerns and ideas for applying these strategies to their caseload
- Dona Sauerburger, COMS, BS, MA
- Susan Kinyatti, O&M Student
- Anthony Lanzilotti, Client
Cost: No Charge to Attend
CEUs: 1.5 ACVREP Credits will be provided at no charge for current CAOMS members, and at $23 for non-CAOMS members. 

Southern CAOMS

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CAOMS Purchase Options

When paying online please email the membership form to: xiomaram23@sbcglobal.net

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      Cane Quest

     Saturday, October 19, 2019

        Cal State Los Angeles

Cane Quest 2019 was another great success with the help of all of the O&M's that

volunteered their time to make it a fun and valuable experience for all the participants.


Cane Quest website



Mobility: A Basic Freedom

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